How to find shortcuts in Windows 8

Windows 8 had come out with a bunch of new features and interfaces, but most of the people were disappointed when it leaves the classic Start button, many found it bit more uncomfortable to go through the start screen every time they need a programme to be run. But gradually people are started loving it

How to mark your emails with different colored stars

Gmail has introduced a brand new feature to mark important email messages with different colored stars, checks and bangs . Earlier we have only one yellow colored star to highlight important emails. Now it is available in three different presets namely one star,

Uploading files to Envato marketplace using a FTP client

Few days ago I was trying to upload a Blogger theme in the Envato marketplace under But I faced problem while uploading my files to the marketplace. Soon after, I found an option like uploading files with a FTP client. That was

Simple code highlighter for Blogger blog

I have designed a simple and light code highlighter for blogger blogs. It has only few lines of codes. I am pretty sure that your page load speed won't be effected by this small css code. In this description I have came out with two styles, one is grey coloured

How to create a 3D pressable button

This tutorial will help you to create a 3D styled button for your website links. Along with the 3D look it will give you a glance of realistic pressable effect. If you are dying to see this then press the following demo button. The button has been created with the help of multiple

Dazzling label clouds for blogger blog

Redesigned dazzling label clouds for Blogger blog. Thoroughly explained two new and unique label clouds for your blog. Being an user of blogger we all are probably want a unique design for our blog, and it is highly demanded with the rise of number of blogs, millions of

How to create a CSS multishadow box

Today I am going to write my first ever tutorial on CSS, In this tutorial I will be discussing about the CSS box-shadow property and how we can manipulate the codes little bit to create a multi shadowed box. The box-shadow property is used to give elements a shadow effect, the code changes depending on the

How to embed a Google map of your region in your blog

We often see Google maps embedded in websites to locate regions. This is a nice idea to help others locate our positions through Google maps. Google use to amend its map time to time and always comes up with unique and useful features.

Play with your photographs: Photofunia

After a long break I am back with a tutorial, this tutorial is about spicing up your photographs in a number of ways. Recently I have gone through a website called, it performs as its name

Perform a search by an image

Google the search giant has introduced a search by image functionality in its image search engine. I am very much sure that although days before it has been introduced, most of us don't know about this. I stumbled upon this feature while I was searching for an image using Google image search.

Instagram, the best App for image editing

Today I am going to write about Instagram, probably the best app in the Android market to spice up captured images at an instant. It was released in 2010 in the Android market, by Kevin SystromMike Krieger (Burbn, Inc.).