How to delete a Widget from blogger template

Your blog design plays an important role in increasing blog traffic,if your blog does not look like a professional one then people may not get attracted towards your blog.To give a professional look to your blog you have to arrange the Widget in proper place,so that user can access easily.For this sometimes you need to delete some widget or sometimes you have to add some widget to make it user friendly.

This tutorial only for those widget which have no Remove Option

Follow the following steps carefully
1) Go to Blogger-------Layout
2) Now select the Edit option from the widget you want to delete
3) After that a window will pop up like the following one

4) Copy the widget ID and go to Edit HTML--------Expand Widget template
5) Now press Ctrl+F and search for the wiidget ID
6) You have to search until you get a code like the following one

<b:widget id='Widget ID' locked='false' title='Widget title' type='Blog'>YOUR WIDGET CONTENT CODES APPEAR HERE</b:widget>
7) Delete the entire codes as shown in No. 6
8) Now click on Save
  • If you get any problem then contact me