How to connect YouTube AdSense account with blogspot blog

It's really easy to get approved by Google Adsense through YouTube, but difficulty arises when we are trying to add a blogspot blog to that AdSense account, because it doesn't support non hosted website domain, since is a free domain name provided
by, so it is not supported by AdSense account created through YouTube. However we can add a blogspot blog by tweaking the process little bit. Follow my previous article on creating an AdSense account by YouTube and then come to this tutorial to add a blogspot blog to that AdSense account and finally display the Ads on your site.
So without discussing further I want to proceed to the process of implementation.

Follow the following steps
1) Create a YouTube AdSense account, you can follow this tutorial 
2) Now Sign in to your AdSense account.
3) Go to Account Settings
4) Scroll down to the bottom to get the email invitation field like this

5) Now enter the email address associated with your blogspot blog or blogger account email ID
6) Click on Invite
7) Now sign in to the email associated with the blogspot blog that you have entered in step 4, and accept the invitation.
8) After accepting the invitation you will be able to sign in to the AdSense account created through YouTube with your blogger account email

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9) Now go to your blogger account and click on Earnings tab and click on View Dashboard link to confirm your new AdSense account and finally place the Ad codes to display the ads on your blog.

✓ Update

In response to your requests, I have followed the above cited method myself. But I got some problems too. YouTube might have changed their terms and conditions. I created a YouTube channel and upload a video to that channel, and sent request to monetize that video and it is under review now, gone well upto this level. But the main problem is that when I tried to apply for a YouTube Adsense Ac, a message came out like "This functionality is not available right now. Please try again later" [Screenshot]. Now, what I can say is that try this method yourself, and let us know whether you have got the same problem or not. To be continued.....