Download YouTube video in Chrome without software

Today I am going to discuss about downloading a YouTube video without using any software. Many of us probably using software that automatically add a download option to the YouTube videos. It is all right if we are using purchased software other than cracked version or pirated.
Because cracked, pirated or freeware softwares do not last for long, it expires after updating, and needs serial key. So what if we don't rely on softwares to download a video on YouTube, then problems will be solved. So here I come for teach you the trick to download videos without software. There are lots of extensions in Chrome offered by Google, but they do not always work. I have recently found out a Chrome extension offered by, the perfect tool to download a YouTube video. But the process of adding it up to Chrome is slightly different, so you need to be guided. Here I go.

Follow the following steps 
1) Go to
2) Now find out the link helper ( use the following screenshot)

3) Now click on Add to Chrome button

4) You will get a file called helper_last.crx, now bring it to the Desktop
5) Now go to Chrome-----Tool-----Extensions
6) Drag and drop the file helper_last.crx, to the Extensions page and press the pop up Add button.
Thus we come to the end of this tutorial. Hope you will like. If you have any query then feel free to ask.