Instagram, the best App for image editing

Today I am going to write about Instagram, probably the best app in the Android market to spice up captured images at an instant. It was released in 2010 in the Android market, by Kevin SystromMike Krieger (Burbn, Inc.).

I would say Instagram is my favorite app for editing the mobile captured images. I was not familiar with its features,though I had been hearing about this app from my friends. But after using it I would definitely say that my friends were very true. It has filter galleries, blur effect, brightness adjustment and border option. Though it has limited photo editing features, the quality of image it produces is simply outstanding. One of the most demanding feature of Instagram is that it has share option, one can share their photographs instantly in the Social sites. So one can edit and share their images using Instagram.

The features of Instagram
As I have mentioned above that Instagram has limited features but they are really very handy. It has 20 different filter galleries, which applies nice effects to the images. I have described the process of using Instagram as follows
1) Open the app on your device, then pick a photograph from your phone image gallery. 
2) Now you will have the Crop tool to crop the image, the crop tool is square sized. You can adjust the position and square crop tool size to crop the desired portion of your image

3) Now you will have the image filter options. There are many filter effects namely Hudson, Valencia, X-Pro II, Sierra, Kelvin, 1977, Hefe, Nashville etc. I personally like the X-Pro II effect.
4) After applying filter effect, use the blur tool and brightness tool if necessary.
5) Finally named the edited photo and share it on social sites (optional)

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After sharing the photograph on Social Web or in Instagram, the app will automatically creates a folder to your image gallery with a title called 'Instagram'. That's all about instagram and that I know about the app so far.