Perform a search by an image

Google the search giant has introduced a search by image functionality in its image search engine. I am very much sure that although days before it has been introduced, most of us don't know about this. I stumbled upon this feature while I was searching for an image using Google image search.
I dragged a photograph to the search bar and it automatically redirected to the Google web search result of the photographs. It seemed very interesting for me. Previously we all are used to do this task by proceeding multiple steps, we were required to click on the image then again had to click the Visit page link to find out the actual story related to that particular image. So by introducing this functionality Google has really shortened  the process of finding out the root of an image.

I am writing this article only to share this new feature which remains as a hidden secret for most of us. I will be discussing the process in the following paragraph. This is a very short process involving only 3-4 steps. You can take the help of following GIF.

Steps to follow
Following is the step by step procedure to find out the root page of an image.
1) Go to Google image search engine
2) Search for an image
3) If you are interested to find the page related to a particular image, then drag that image to the image search engine
4) You will be redirected to the Google web search result.

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You may not be interested in this trick, because you know the alternative ways to do this task, but I personally feel that there are no other processes that can give results related to an image as quickly as it can. So give this feature a try. If it is really useful for you then let us know. Thanks.