How to embed a Google map of your region in your blog

We often see Google maps embedded in websites to locate regions. This is a nice idea to help others locate our positions through Google maps. Google use to amend its map time to time and always comes up with unique and useful features.
Taking a little help of HTML we can embed it on our websites, so that our regions can be identified globally. HTML has a very interesting feature called iframe with the help of iframe we can embed any URL on our websites, suppose if you want to show a newspaper on your site then simply copy the e-newspaper URL and bind it up with iframe and place it on your website source code, it's that easy. But the main thing is that you need to learn how to bind up the URL with iframe
In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to bind up Google map URLs with iframe and how one can embed it in websites. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Steps to follow
1) Go to Google Map
2) Search for your region as I am searching in the bellow image

3) Now go to Link menu besides the print option
4) Copy the iframe link from "Paste HTML to embed in website"
5) Finally place the iframe code in your website.

So this is the overall process of blending a map of your region in a website. Your website is meant a lot for you, so always back up the template before applying any kind of changes to the same. Hope you understand the tutorial and has successfully applied. Any query related to this topic is highly appreciated. Thanks