Uploading files to Envato marketplace using a FTP client

Few days ago I was trying to upload a Blogger theme in the Envato marketplace under But I faced problem while uploading my files to the marketplace. Soon after, I found an option like uploading files with a FTP client. That was
something that I had never heard before. However Envato support forum helped me to get out of this problem.

What is FTP
The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol, which is a kind of a network protocol to transfer files from one host to another host over the internet.

There are numerous FTP clients available on the internet, like FileZilla, SmartFTP, War FTP, WS FTP, Complete FTP etc. Download any one of them and install that in your device.


Steps to follow
1)  Sign In to your Marketplace, that is to where you want your files to be uploaded.
2) Get the HOST NAME, the marketplace will provide this host name, in case of Envato it is like this
3) Note down your USERNAME and PASSWORD of the marketplace.
4) Now run the installed FTP client on your computer.
5) You will be asked the HOST, USERNAME  and PASSWORD, write all these in the required places.
6) Now we will start the uploading process.
7) Now drag and drop your items on TRANSFER QUEUE
8) Finally refresh your Marketplace to get the uploaded files.

This 8 Steps completes the process of uploading files through a local FTP client. I recommend you to use FTP clients to upload files to any marketplace, because it uploads files quicker than normal upload processes. You can use FTP clients to upload large files. If you get any kind of problem while using FTP servers, do contact me or you can write a comment below.